Ch 6 Page 1: Ruining a Cute Moment

May 14th, 2010, 3:19 am

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Thanks a lot infernobotamon. >_>
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Reply Salimus, May 12th, 2010, 8:19 pm

Really? Can't you let them rest! I know you've been up all night trying to find these people, but come on! Do you have to scare Zero? Him out of everyone else? Geez! What's he ever do to you? >:(

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Reply Whiteflamedkitsune, May 14th, 2010, 11:16 am

*raises hand* I have a comment :>

I was in the mood to read a digimanz comic and I stumbled upon this one. lol And I must say it’s really good but I would like to touch upon some things though. Specific things like the Digimon, your art style, and Katie (the girl with the red shirt and long brown hair) Btw, don’t panic about the long comment I promise you that this is not a flame. ^^

1) Your Digimon are really good. I cannot draw Digimon for my life and they are remotely accurate compared to other ones that I’ve seen. lol XD

2) Your art style is very…interesting. The way you use lines to incorporate shading makes everything pop out more than usual. Your people actually look like people…of course the only thing you need to watch is proportioning (even though that’s the universal problem with every artist lol so don’t worry that much) and the digimon, like I said before, are really good.

3) Okay, now for Katie. As a character: She’s fine. She’s obviously your character and you can do whatever you want. I know for sure that I have no say in how the character acts or what she wears. lol But, I do have a suggestion. I’ve noticed that a part of Kaite’s design is that she has a really ‘hard cut’ bang that comes over her eyes. The one thing that I would suggest is that if eyes are meant to be covered then there is no need to draw in her eyes anyway (underneath the hair). In all honesty is just makes it look awkward and kind of well…sloppy (again I’m not calling your art bad, this is just a suggestion). You already portray Katie’s emotions perfectly with her body language and her mouth expressions…you don’t need her eyes at all. For example: Chapter 5 page 21; in the panel where Skullninemon is telling her to “LOOK OUT!” if you cover her eyes in that panel the picture looks kind of better (in my opinion). Or in page 24; you can tell that she’s really pissed, you don’t need her eyes there either…her actions explain it all. I would say you can draw in the eyes in the rough draft but then erase them when the entire comic is inked and such. Try drawing her without her eyes being shown for a few pages and see what you think because you can’t go wrong with experimentation (^^)v

I hope I didn’t come off as a horrible person to you, but I hope that you still keep making your comic. You're very good but the thing with Katie is really the only suggestion that I have for you ^^ *hope to god that you don't take this as a flame O__O;*

Good job otherwise. ^^ <3 btw this is a cute moment. ^^

Reply Salimus, May 14th, 2010, 4:39 pm

Oh wow! A new fan! ^^

I'm glad you like my digimon. It can be hard to draw some positions with them though. Like certain angles and such. That goes for everything too. I know my proportions suck at time. They've gotten better over time though. Hopefully I'll keep improving with that.

The way I draw is a more realistic way but also still anime style. If you've been to my Deviant (you can look on my profile if you want that link btw)you can sense the realistically there.

I can see what you're saying there, but eyes make up more emotion than you think. Plus with this newer style I'm trying out it fixes that hair cut looking messy and should give people more views of her eyes. In fact, with out those eyes, I can't show as much emotion with Katie. To get rid of them would be bad. Even Zero's eyes and Allen's eyes haven't shown up much ether (though more than Katie's). Most pages their hair cover's theirs as well. I do get rid of eyes some times, but only for dramatic effect though.

Thanks for your opinion! It wasn't as flamy as you though ether, so don't be worried about that. Criticism is needed in order to make things better. I hope you continue to read this comic! ^^

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